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Cervical dystonia in my life

I've always had tension of the neck. Focusing on a demanding task, and the presence of social situations has caused the pressure to my neck through my life. 
Neck and headaches have been the result of these stress situations. While I was sleeping, I had to use a thin pillow. Sleeping with a hard or  a large pillow  has caused  neck- and headaches. 
I survived aches usually with normal medicines for headaches. Sometimes I lamented the occupational health physician or -nurse about my neck pain, but that kind of pain is so common that usually were only treated with normal medicines for aches. 
At work, sometimes I found that my grasp of a pen had changed. I'm writing a lot of time on my computer, but also with a pen, so I found that I had to focus on the pen to hold up more strongly than before. Also, I think handwriting deteriorated somewhat.
In social situations, I noticed when I spoke, that my head pulled to the left, particularly if the matter was important or somehow  accelerating my mind. Also my voice was able to vary or clam up, so that I had to correct my speech.
While running and biking I had  to correct the position of my head straight I began to really understand that all is not right. However, the desire to live on, that this was transient and was result from  work pressure. I had to work with monitor by keeping the chin with one hand, that the head remained upright.
Sleeping began to go worse because sleeping positions were so few. While sleeping on my right side, began  my head to keep its own motion. The left side reacted  next and also in that position  my head twitched restlessly 
Soon I was able to sleep only on my back, right arm over my head raised, holding my head in place. It`s obvious, that I often woke up in the early hours and couldn`t sleep any more that night.

Harry (HarzuRun) Torvinen

This is a really report.
So similarly it also went for me, but I could work from the outset no more.
Only after good effect with Botox I could work again properly.
I wish you furthermore a good effect and a good life with dystonia.
Franz Krämer

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